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Waterlily candle holder A Bubbalux Tutorial by Sharon Callis

Brighten up your table setting this summer with this delightful waterlily tealight candle holder. Bubbalux craft board is made from waterproof foam, so these lily-pads will float, which means they are perfect for adding a magical lighting display to your garden pond, pool or water feature.

Use with candles or battery tealights, or place candy and treats in them for fun summer party décor.

Craft supplies:

1 x A4 sheet of Bubbalux in Forest Green

2 x A4 sheet of Bubbalux in Arctic White

High tack glue

A4 Polka dot embossing folder

Pink ink pad

Yellow ink pad

Gold gilding wax

Embossing tool

Heat gun

Skill Level:


Time to Make:

Approximately 2.5 hours

How to Make:

1. Download and print the lily-pad template below to A4 size

2. Using the lily-pad template, cut out the base from the green Bubbalux.

3. With a craft heat gun (or hairdryer), work around the edge of the piece to heat and turn up a 10mm rim. - It may be helpful to place a small ceramic plate in the centre of the lily-pad to aid you to turn up the edges and keep the centre of the pad flat.

4. Using your embossing tool, add the 'veins' to the lily-pad, you can either freehand using the image as a guide, or place the paper over the Bubbalux and follow the lines, the Bubbalux will mark and you can deepen these embossed lines directly onto the Bubbalux with your emboss tool.

5. Highlight around the edges and the centre of your lily-pad with the gold gilding wax.

6. Make the water lily flower using the templates below. Cut out and then emboss the three layers.

7. Lightly Ink the embossed centre of the large and medium layers with the pink ink.

8. On the small centre layer, ink the debossed side with the yellow ink and the back (embossed) with the pink ink.

9. Starting with the large and medium pieces (embossed side up) gently heat each petal in turn and curve the tips.

10. Glue the finished piece on to the green lily-pad, slightly off-centre over the split in the lily-pad.

11. For the next layer, again gently heat and curve the petals on the embossed side. Ensure that you slightly lift each petal as you work, as when it cools it will be rigid again. Glue over the base.

12. For the centre candle holder, hold the piece with the debossed side facing up and heat the petals one at a time, standing them all up straight. Next, heat the tips of the petals and curve them in slightly before bending the tips back towards you. This creates a curve in the petals, as pictured.

13. Place a candle or tea light holder in the centre - battery tealights are safest indoors.

An exclusive Bubbalux project by Sharon Callis


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