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How Bubbalux can set you apart from other crafters.

Bubbalux Craft Board is a unique new craft board - a versatile alternative to the usual cardboard or foam board. It's like nothing you've used before, but you can use all use familiar techniques from a range of craft genres.

Available in six vibrant colours and two sizes (standard letter size, approx A4) and large sheets. Bubbalux can be crafted using a wide variety of existing techniques, which you're likely to have all the equipment for in your stash - so you won't need to buy any extra bits.

Familiar techniques you can use include but are not limited to:

- hand cutting and die-cutting

- embossing by machine or hand

- bending, shaping and moulding

- painting, adding texture pastes

- decorating with embossing powders and gilding wax

- gluing, sticking and embellishing

- sewing and stitching

You'll be spoilt for choice when considering your next craft project!

Bubbalux is a multi-purpose material, specially formulated from foam PVC. The colour runs right through the thickness of the board, so there's no need to match up edgings. This gives you the edge over other crafters' work if they're still using normal foam board. But if you don't like the colour then simply paint over, or add a gilding wax!

The real magic of Bubbalux comes with the simple addition of heat (use a heat gun, hot water or even a hairdryer), it can then be bent, shaped and moulded and it will retain that shape once cool.

For those of you who like to use card, thin wood or paper, moulding into the desired shape can be both time consuming, messy or virtually impossible. Bubbalux is the solution! Simply cut out your desired shapes, add heat and mould to the shape you want. Once it's cool, it's rigid - but you can heat and re-heat as required, until you get the shape you need. You can then paint or embellish how you please, or leave it as the vibrant colour it comes as.

It embosses like a dream!

Whether you use an embossing folder in your Sizzix machine, or hand emboss with an awl or embossing tool, Bubbalux provides a crisp, permanent emboss every time, and it can be used with great effect with all the best embossing powders (we just adore Wow! embossing powders and glitter!) and gilding waxes for stand-out effects.

It's a chameleon!

You can use paint, embossing powder, glitters or gilding wax to really make those patterns pop, and you can even change the look and feel of Bubbalux so that it looks like another material: metal, leather, and wood are just a few we've tried. The fact that Bubbalux is lightweight means that it's great to use in costume-making, espectially when you need something metal-looking but not heavy, wood-effect but mouldable, or leather-look but vegan!

Bubbalux is waterproof and its colour won't fade, so your creations can be displayed outside!

Because of its unique foam PVC properties, Bubbalux is fully waterproof and won't absorb moisture. This means that your creations will stay rigid, will last for much longer and you can be hung or displayed outside. Perfect for party signs, outdoor tree decorations and beautiful outdoor displays.

So, if you are in need of a jolly good crafting session, add Bubbalux craft board to your collection, and give it a try. The unique possibilities Bubbalux offers and the fact it's a chameleon material that bridges the gap between many techniques means your creations will have the edge over your crafting buddies, and if they ask your secret... then don't keep it - point them in our direction!

If you need inspiration, keep an eye out for tutorials on our blog Facebook: @CraftTex.Bubbalux

Instagram: @craft_tex


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