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Sharon Callis

Bubbalux Brand Ambassador

We are delighted to introduce Sharon Callis as brand ambassador for Bubbalux Craft Board. 

An experienced designer, craft blogger, and award-winning card-maker, Sharon's passion for creativity and her enthusiasm for Bubbalux shine through in all of Sharon’s Bubbalux tutorials and demonstrations - which makes them even easier to follow!  

Talking about Bubbalux, Sharon says "It can be used in so many different disciplines in craft, from sewing to 3d model-making and that is why I was amazed to discover this exciting craft board".

We hope you enjoy using Sharon Callis Bubbalux tutorials to help introduce you to this exciting new material and its many craft applications! 

We will update this page regularly with each new project as Sharon completes them, and will provide links to project tutorials so you can use Bubbalux to make them yourself. Visit our retailers page to find where you can buy Bubbalux locally and online.

Dotted Edge Frame
Dotted Edge Frame
Bubbalux Bubblegum Blackboard Tutoria
Bubbalux Tutorial: Waterlily Candle Holder

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