/ Bubbalux Tutorial - Craft Caddy

Tutorial by Sharon Callis

Skill Level: Medium

Time to Make: approx 2.5 hours 

Did you know that Bubbalux can be used for sewing projects? Not only for creating fabulous displays, but for making durable storage items too! 


This craft storage caddy can be put together by either machine sewing or gluing. Whichever way you choose, the finished item looks great and is tough enough to keep your craft kit organised for a long time.


4 sheets Bubbalux - standard size, Daffodil Yellow

A4 Teresa Collins Herringbone Embossing Folder

2 metres of Bias Binding

Polka dot ribbon

Follow the photo instructions below to make this bright and beautiful craft storage caddy.

Step 1
Peel off protective film and emboss Bubbalux sheets
Step 2
Trim the corners with a
craft knife or scissors
Step 3
Cut out a handle
Step 4
Sew or glue bias trim to the centre panel
Step 5
Cut front and rear panels 
Step 6
Cut base panel and score guide line
Step 7
Cut side panels and score a centre guide line
Step 8
Sew or glue ribbon to join front and side panels 
Step 9
What the sewn join looks like on reverse
Step 10
Sew the bias binding strip to the top edge
Step 11
Add strip of bias to one side of the bottom edge
Step 12
Glue in the central dividers
Step 13
Glue together to form
the box shape
and base
Step 14
Make and assemble the side pockets from cut panels
Step 15
Add bias binding
to the side panels
Step 16
View of reverse of side pocket
Step 17
Cut two side pocket bases
Step 18
Finish side pocket base with bias binding
Step 19
Cut, decorate and heat form
the scissor loops
Take appropriate safety precautions when using a heat gun to shape Bubbalux. Always work in a well ventilated space. See FAQs for advice.
Step 20
Attach scissor loops with glue 
to the front of the caddy
Step 21
Fill your completed project with 
crafting goodies!

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