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Designed specifically for crafters, Bubbalux is a brand new, premium foam craft board which makes a brilliant addition to your hoard of craft stock!  Bubbalux can be used with a wide range of familiar techniques, and all of the usual papercraft techniques, but you can also bend, mould and shape it after applying a little heat.  Bubbalux is durable and water resistant and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor display.

Scroll down to find out more about Bubbalux Craft Board and the exciting ways it can enhance your own craft.  You can also buy Bubbalux along with all other CraftTex products in the CraftTex Shop.

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 / How To Craft Bubbalux

Heat Form

Turn up the heat to bend and shape Bubbalux, 

when it cools the shape is retained.
Use a heat gun, hot water or even your hairdryer!

Always work in a well ventilated space when heating Bubbalux.  

Bubbalux Craft Board is a unique premium craft board for craft and model-making projects. Versatile, durable, waterproof and can be easily moulded and shaped. Bubbalux craft board is the best choice for indoor and outdoor craft projects.

Available in standard and large sizes each in six different colourways:

  • Arctic White 

  • Midnight Black

  • Heart Red

  • Marine Blue

  • Forest Green

  • Daffodil Yellow

Find the answers to any Bubbalux crafting questions you may have on our FAQs page. or contact our expert team directly at 


If it's inspiration you need, head over to our blog for tutorials and news, visit the Bubbalux Gallery to see what our team and our wonderful band of crafting customers have made, or the Sizzix Gallery, to see the cool things the Sizzix bloggers have made. 


If you'd like to send us images of the things you've made with Bubbalux, then we'd love to see them, and with your permission add them to the gallery. Get in touch via email or tag us @craft_tex on Instagram or @crafttex.bubbalux on Facebook.

Bubbalux is easy to use with a range of craft techniques, including: 

  • Emboss - by hand or machine

  • Hand cut and die cut 

  • Paint, print and draw

  • Heat form, bend and shape

  • Screen print

  • Glue, pin and mount photos and prints

  / Bubbalux Technique Videos - click to watch

Inspiration & ideas

Take a look at the Bubbalux Gallery to see what the CraftTex design team, craft bloggers and Bubbalux customers have made with Bubbalux.  It's so inspiring to see the many ways Bubbalux can be crafted and displayed indoors and out.   


Make sure you share your creations with us, either by email, or Instagram using #madewithbubbalux  - we'd love to feature what you make.  

Sizzix & Bubbalux

A match made in crafting heaven! We always get fantastic results using our Sizzix Big Shot die cutting machine and Sizzix Bigz dies. They are perfect for cutting through Bubbalux to produce the neatest die cuts, which can then be heated to make into 3D shapes, or embossed and embellished in so many ways. 

See Bubbalux creations from Sizzix bloggers, including Nigel Hughes and Sharon Curtis at our Sizzix Gallery.

5 Star Customer Reviews 

“I die cut some shapes and then heated it up, which makes it
pliable so
I could form some 3D shapes. It looks so cool!”.

Jess, Amazon reviewer

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