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Size: 279mm x 215mm x 2mm

Single colour pack

A bright blue craft board which can be formed, embossed and embellished with paint, gilding wax, embossing powders and texture pastes. 


Specially formulated for crafters, Bubbalux is a premium foam PVC craft board that works with a wide range of craft techniques.  Bubbalux can be hand-cut, die-cut, embossed, glued, painted, stamped, shaped, twisted and heat-formed.  


VERSATILE - Bubbalux can be used in a wide range of craft, art, hobby, costume and model-making projects.

HEAT TO RESHAPE - Apply heat to bend, shape and mould Bubbalux into 3D creations - when cooled its shape is retained. Use a craft heat gun, hot water or a hair dryer. Always take appropriate care heating Bubbalux, and work in a well-ventilated area.

WATERPROOF - Durable, waterproof and weather resistant, Bubbalux is great to use in outdoor displays as well as indoor creations.


EMBOSS - Bubbalux embosses incredibly well, producing exceptionally sharp and crisp embossing results. Once embossed, Bubbalux can be decorated further with gilding powder, gilding wax, paint and pens.

CUT AND DIE CUT - Die cut using larger die-cutting machines and heavier gauge dies for crisp edges and smart shapes. We recommend Sizzix Bigz dies. You can easily hand-cut and shape Bubbalux with good quality scissors, as you would a thick card.


VIBRANT COLOURS - Bubbalux is available in 6 colours and unlike traditional foam board, the solid colour runs through the sheets' thickness and on all edges. Each sheet has a protective film on one side, for an unmarked surface every time.


Bubbalux is available in 6 colourways:  
- Arctic White
- Midnight Black
- Heart Red
- Daffodil Yellow
- Forest Green
- Marine Blue


Bubbalux is easy to cut, bend and shape and is so versatile you can:
- Emboss by machine or hand
- Die-cut using heavy gauge dies
- Paint, print and draw
- Heat to shape, bend and twist
- Screen print
- Glue, pin and mount photos and prints.


Also available in larger size sheets. See other products for details.

Bubbalux Craft Board | Blue | Small

  • Each sheet measures 279mm x 215mm x 2mm

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