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CraftTex started life as a range of craft table protection mats, a brainchild of the Floortex product development team who, with over fifteen years experience in designing and manufacturing floor protection products (like chair mats and desk mats) know a thing or two about protecting valuable

surfaces. It has since developed a range of different surface protectors, from tabletop to flooring, and has also introduced a special range of PVC foam boards just for crafters.

We understand that your workspace or crafting table needs protecting, particularly if it also doubles up as your dining table or studio desk. So to protect your surfaces from glitter, heat guns, paint, scratches and just about every other thing crafters can throw at it, we developed our range of CraftTex Ultimate Surface Protectors. These are mats which help protect and keep your furniture in its original condition; so you can concentrate on creating beautiful things!

For floor protection, CraftTex offers a unique nine-sided mat, designed to give maximum coverage against spills and dropped items while still fitting smaller areas under desks and tables. This mat is made from Polycarbonate, which is extremely strong, durable and will protect flooring from wear and tear caused by chairs or footwear. 

Floortex has an innovative product development team with a keen interest in material technology and production techniques. This means that after creating the CraftTex Ultimate Surface Protector mats, they wanted to see what else could be developed for crafters - this led to Bubbalux Ultimate Creative Craft Board.

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This material is safe, non-toxic and is water resistant, which means your projects can be displayed outdoors as well as indoors.

Creatives can use Bubbalux in so many ways:

  • Emboss, score, cut and die-cut - you can use machines or freehand.

  • Shape, bend and form with heat - a hairdryer or hot water will do the trick.

  • Paint, mark and draw - you can even use glitter and gilding wax.

  • Glue, pin and mount - our large sheets make beautiful display boards.

Bubbalux really is the ultimate craft board, it can be used across a wide range of craft, hobby and model-making projects, including:

  • multi-media art projects,

  • papercraft

  • card making

  • scrapbooking

  • notices and signs

  • home decoration

  • seasonal features

  • card and gift tags

  • jewellery and costumes

  • model making 

We know you'll be able to think of more, so keep in touch and tag @Craft_Tex on Instagram to show us your creations and ask us questions. 

We have some excellent ideas and tutorials for things to make on our blog, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest channels, take a look, join us, tell your friends and let us know what you think. We love to talk and share ideas, and would be delighted to welcome you to the CraftTex community. 

With a current range of six vibrant colours, packs of three sheets are available in standard size, and single sheets are available in the large size, see our product range for full details and visit our retailers page to buy today!

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Bubbalux Ultimate Creative Craft Board is a unique material - a patent-pending foam PVC - specially developed with crafters in mind. It is versatile and crosses many art and craft mediums to fill the gaps that many other craft materials leave behind. 


  • picture framing

  • mirror surrounds

  • photo mounting

  • garden features

  • models

  • displays and presentations

  • theatre set design

  • costumes and cosplay

  • DIY

  • Architectural models

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CraftTex is part of the Floortex group. Since 2002, Floortex has been at the forefront of innovation in the manufacture and marketing of surface protection products.

Continuous development means Floortex provides new products and solutions, successfully using the latest material technology and production techniques to ensure customers get the very best.

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Floortex products are available worldwide, if you are interested in distribution opportunities for any of our products, please contact our team at 

Visit the Bubbalux Gallery

Inspiration and ideas for creatives using Bubbalux

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