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/ Introducing CraftTex

CraftTex produces a range of practical and creative products for crafters and artists. 

For new and experienced crafters, CraftTex developed Bubbalux Craft Board. Bubbalux bridges the gap  between many different craft techniques , find out what you can do with Bubbalux on our product page.

CraftTex believes you should spend your time creating, not cleaning - so we developed crafters’ Floor Mats and Craft Table Mats - to help save your floors and work surfaces from damage.

/ Create with Bubbalux

A versatile addition to any crafter’s stash of papers, cardstock, dies and embossing machines, Bubbalux is a wonderful way to enhance your craft activity and product unique results. 


An adaptable product, Bubbalux can be embossed, die-cut, painted, gilded and with the addition of heat it can be shaped and formed – you can even drape form it (use a craft heat gun, immerse in hot water or even blast with your hairdryer).  Once it cools, it retains its shape, stays rigid and keeps its colour. 

Available in 6 solid colour ways, in standard and large size packs. 

/ Craft Table Mats

CraftTex knows that with great creativity comes great mess!
We also know that unless you’re lucky enough to have your own studio, this mess is likely to be on your kitchen table dining table or desk. Our range of Craft Table Protector Mats is designed to keep your expensive tabletops clean, no matter what you throw at it. 

There are lots of options available in terms of size and material, and we have recently expanded the range of table protectors to include sewing machine mats, smaller individual craft mats and tempered glass craft mats, which are an excellent choice for fine artistst, too.  

/ Floor Mats For Crafters

When you're crafting at home, or in a studio or classroom, it's really easy to have accidents and all the small spillages, dropped cutting tools, glitter, ink and paint splatters can build up over time to ruin expensive carpets or hard floors.  

CraftTex has the answer with its range of Floor Protector Mats.  A choice of compact shapes, larger area coverage, materials and colours - we even have a splosh shape mat, perfect for kids' rooms and classrooms - there is a CraftTex Floor Mat to suit your needs.  

We have also recently introduced Standing Comfort Mats to the range, so if your craft involves lots of standing this could improve your comfort, enabling you to craft comfortably for longer!

/ Renewable Energy

CraftTex is commited to reducing its impact on the environment. This is why CraftTex Polycarbonate and PVC products are manufactured in our state-of-the-art facility which which obtains 25% of its energy from renewable sources: an on-site wind turbine and solar farm.

Polycarbonate has a long life and is incredibly durable - so it can be used for many years without the need to replace - but when disposal is needed, it can be easily recycled.

CraftTex PVC products, including Bubbalux Craft Board are made using a unique formula, this is free from harmful phthalates and other toxins, including tin, lead and cadmium. 

Made to be more durable than competitor PVC, it can be recycled after use and contains up to 25% recycled content. 

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