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Quick Make: Royal Wedding Party Decoration

Only a few days to go until Harry and Meghan tie the knot! This striking wall hanging is so much fun and if you're short of time, it can be made in around 2 hours. A perfect way to decorate your wall, mantelpiece or buffet table - you could even use it outdoors as a sign to help your guests and neighbours find their way to your party - it's completely waterproof in case the British weather takes a turn for the worse!

This is a project by Sharon Callis, which can be made using the Sizzix Bigz 'Love' die.

Skill Level: Medium Time to Make: Approx 2 hours

You'll need:

  • Bubbalux Red x 2 standard size sheets

  • Bubbalux White x 2 standard size sheets

  • Bubbalux Blue x 2 standard size sheets

  • Bubbalux Black x 1 Large sheet (backing)

  • Sizzix Bigz 'Love' Phrase Die 658625

  • Sizzix Bigz 'Union Jack' Die & Embossing Folder by Paula Pascual

  • Sizzix Big Shot or similar die cutting machine that can take the deep cut dies.

  • High tack glue

How it's made:

1. Prepare the base: cut the black large Bubbalux sheet to measure 273mm x 273mm

2. Cut two white, one red and one blue Bubbalux squares 136mm x 136mm and put to one side.

3. Take one of the white squares and using the Union Jack die cut out the centre. Using a scrap of the red and a scrap of the blue cut out the union jack again. Before you pop out the cuts, emboss the blue piece with the embossing folder.

4. This is the fun bit, just like you are making a jigsaw fill in the blanks of the white flag cut out with the pieces of red and blue cuts to form a Union Jack. Glue this finished piece to the bottom right corner of the panel.

5. Glue the remaining pieces to the base, white in the top left corner, blue on the right, red in the bottom left corner.

6. For the next layer, cut one red, one white and one blue Bubbalux square 128mm x 128mm. Add these to the board, blue over the blank white on the top left corner, red over the blue and white over the red.

7. For the final layer (and the fun bit) cut one red, one white and one blue Bubbalux square 120mm x 120mm. On each square cut out the 'Love' die in the centre.

8. Time to jigsaw again! Take the cut outs and swap them into the bases, so put the white into the red, blue into the white and red into the blue.

9. Glue the panels to the base starting with the Red/white over the Blue layer, White/Blue over the Red layer and finally the Blue/Red over the white layer.

All the Love (Wall Hanging) is a project by Sharon Callis

You can use it in many ways, for lots of other weddings and events by changing it up and using other colours, phrases, images or floral dies. Create party decor, name keepsakes and more to hang inside or outside!


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