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Announcement: Sharon Callis is the new brand ambassador for Bubbalux!

We are delighted to welcome award-winning designer and craft blogger Sharon Callis to the CraftTex family!

Sharon will be representing Bubbalux Craft Board, and has already wowed us by making some beautiful Bubbalux creations - as well as finding new ways to use Bubbalux!

Sharon is an experienced designer, familiar with many craft techniques and has previously won card-making awards including cardmaker of the year with Cardmaking and Papercraft magazine. Her passion for creativity shines through in her tutorials and demonstrations, making them easy to follow as well as encouraging for those wanting to try new things.

We are so excited to have Sharon join the team. Her designs, creativity and credibility in the craft industry shine through in her enthusiasm for Bubbalux, and the designs she is putting together using this exciting new material are going to elevate crafters’ experience of our unique craft board.

Bubbalux is a new craft board like no other. It can be embossed, die-cut, printed, painted and gilded, but its unique patent-pending formula means it can also be shaped permanently with the addition of heat, so it can be formed into 3D shapes. It is also water and weatherproof, making it perfect for outdoor display.

Talking about her new ambassador role, Sharon says:

I am excited and proud to be joining the CraftTex team. It is rare to come across a craft product that can be used in so many different disciplines in craft..."

Sharon continues "...Those who follow my crafts know that some of my favourite things to make are 3d crafts and flowers as well as DIY projects. Traditionally, these would have been created using either card-covered foam board or cardboard - both of which have a shorter life due to wear and tear - so discovering Bubbalux has been a revelation."

Sharon and CraftTex are really looking forward to sharing lots of new projects, tutorials, tips and ideas for using Bubbalux - we'll post these on the CraftTex blog, on the CraftTex website and we'll also link to them through our Instagram and Facebook channels.

In the meantime, take a look at the Sharon Callis Gallery in our Bubbalux section, and do subscribe to our emails if you'd like to be the very first to try her tutorials.

Watch this space for more news, tutorials and tips from Sharon and the rest of the CraftTex team!


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