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Let's talk about protection...

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

...surface protection! You're excited - we can tell ;D

Our product development team are always exploring new areas for innovation, new surfaces to protect!

As is the case with many crafters out there, we don't all have our own craft studios at home (though we can dream), and tend to work at kitchen tables, desks or on our laps. We had enough of scratches, spillages, marks and dents in our good dining tables and so took home some of our finest polycarbonate mats.


Polycarbonate is a super-strong material, used in the manufacture of bulletproof glass and aircraft windscreens, it makes a great surface protector as it's non-porous, clear and lightweight.

Turned out these were perfect barriers to everything from spilt ink, heavy sewing machines, occasional hammer blows and even the kids' glitter, which as you know, gets EVERYWHERE! Even hot glue and cups of tea didn't cause a problem (these mats are heatproof up to 100°c (212°F) - genius)! So the CraftTex Ultimate Worktop Protector Mats were born.

So, we want to spread the word: Use Protection, crafters! A flimsy old tablecloth won't help you, so choose the best polycarbonate - because your dining table is worth it (not to mention expensive to replace).

Then crack on with the craft - safe in the knowledge you can chuck almost anything at it... like you need an excuse to make your craft space messy...

CraftTex is a Floortex brand. Founded in 2002, Floortex is a world leader in the office products industry, specialising in surface protection mats, and office chair mats in particular. We are always exploring new areas for innovation and new uses for surface protection mats.



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