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Bubbalux Craft Caddy Tutorial by Sharon Callis - online now for you to follow!

Jealous of those organised craft tables you see on Pinterest? Have a go at making this Bubbalux Craft Caddy to get your own tools and materials organised and ready to go!

Our favourite of Sharon's Bubbalux tutorials so far (though there are more amazing Bubbalux makes from her coming soon)... follow Sharon's step-by-step guide, with images, to make this daffodil yellow Bubbalux Craft Caddy which will help you keep all of your craft bits and bobs in one place. You could even make a few of these in different colour schemes - each for a different craft - and be the envy of your craft circle!

Now that Bubbalux is available to buy on Amazon Prime, you could buy today and make this over the weekend!

Visit the Sharon Callis Gallery now to see all of her fabulous Bubbalux projects, and click on your favourites to view their tutorials.



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