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Bubbalux for sewing projects...

Did you know that Bubbalux can be used for sewing projects? We didn't either, until our amazing Bubbalux Ambassador, Sharon Callis took the plunge and tried it!

Sharon was delighted with the results, said her needle went through the Bubbalux sheet 'like a knife through butter' and she's even designed a project or two using this technique! Take a look at the Storage Caddy project - coming soon - to see the fantastic results Sharon has achieved.

Your sewing machine can be a useful tool to join sheets of Bubbalux together, as well as to add embellishments and to decorate your Bubbalux projects.

Thanks to Sharon for finding another use for Bubbalux, which we have now added to the list of Bubbalux craft techniques:

- Sewing and stitching

- Die Cutting (always use heavy gauge dies, such as Sizzix Bigz)

- Embossing - hand emboss or machine emboss

- Painting

- Printing and Screen Printing

- Drawing

- Forming, bending and drape-forming

- 3D model making

- Gluing

- Pinning and mounting photographs and prints.



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