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Bubbalux Bangle Tutorial by Claudia Neubacher

Updated: Sep 19, 2018

'Don't Forget To Shine - Bubbalux Bangle

We are delighted to welcome our new friend and craft blogger Claudia Neubacher all the way from Vienna, Austria. It's hard to believe that the bangle was created from a strip of blue Bubbalux - it looks so much like tarnished metalwork!

Her tutorial for this amazing piece can be found on Claudia's blog: Von Pappe II - please visit for the full Bubbalux tutorial and to view more of her wonderfully grungy, steampunk creations.

In her Bubbalux tutorial, Claudia uses a number of different craft techniques to shape and decorate a hand-cut strip of Bubbalux craft board. These included embossing, hand-cutting, painting, gluing and of course heating with a hairdryer to bend and shape the Bubbalux strip.

We hope to see lots more Bubbalux makes from Claudia in the future and can't wait to see what comes next!

If you would like your creations to be featured on the Bubbalux Gallery and on our blog, then please email with your details, images and links - we pick the best of the bunch and will get in touch if you're going to be featured. You can also follow us on Facebook @CraftTex.Bubbalux and tag @craft_tex and use the #madewithbubbalux and #bubbalux hashtags in your Instagram posts.



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