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8 stages of craft prep

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

1. Panic. What the heck are you going to make? Quick get on Pinterest!

2. Five hours after going on Pinterest, you have a whole board of Bubbalux ideas. Well done! Congratulate yourself by making a cup of tea. Go back to Pinterest to choose which one looks most achievable.

3. Another 5 hours have passed as you got distracted and accidentally made a unicorn cakes board and a marathon training board, which of course you’ll start training for once this project is finished.

4. The day has run out. Go to bed and dream about running towards a unicorn cake. Wake up confused, but refreshed and ready to craft!

5. Get dressed and dry hair, remembering to take the hairdryer down to your crafting area.

6. Assemble your weapons of craft – we recommend craft knives, scissors, embossing tools, an emery board (to smooth any edges that may need it), sharpies, paint or gilding wax, embellishments, and of course your trusty hairdryer.

7. Take a deep breath to contain the excitement.

8. Create!


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