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CraftTex Sploshmat | Fun Floor Mat for Crafts, Kids and Classrooms

A fun and eye-catching floor mat in a unique splash shape that makes an inspiring accessory for craft rooms, kids rooms and classrooms.  Available in a choice of blue or red colour and in options of gripper-back for use on carpet, or smooth-back for use on hard floors and tabletops.


The Sploshmat brightens up rooms with vibrant colour – choose red or blue - and protects carpets or hard floors from the dirt, damage, spillages, scratches and scuffs caused by creative activities, chair movement and footwear. Made from a unique non-toxic PVC formula, this mat is durable and recyclable.


UNIQUE SHAPE - Fun and inspiring splash shape mat, in a choice of vibrant colours.


PROTECTS - Forms a waterproof barrier to protect carpet, flooring or table top. Carpet option has grippers on the back to keep it in place.


DURABLE - Made from a non-toxic, phthalate-free PVC which is long-lasting and can be used in different ways, so it lasts for years.


PLAYFUL - Sploshmat makes an excellent creative play mat - its smooth surface is a great place to play, draw, paint and create while protecting the carpet, floor or table top underneath from spills, marks and messy play.


EASY TO CLEAN - Easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth, or with hot, soapy water for a deeper clean. With good care, this long-lasting mat will last for years. Can be used under desks to protect carpet from rolling chair wheels, chair legs, shoes and spillages.


ECO FRIENDLY CHOICE - This floor mat is manufactured using 25% renewable energy from wind and solar power, contains recycled material and is fully recyclable after use. 



Please see our other product listings for chair mats and floor protectors in different shapes and sizes. Our bestselling 9Mat specialist 9-sided shape mat and clear rectangular floor mats are ideal for all crafters.



£68.99 Regular Price
£25.99Sale Price
  • Splash shape mat
    Approx 100cm x 100cm (40" x 40")

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