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Glass Craft Mat | High Strength Surface Protector, Cutting Mat and Palette | 51cm x 91cm


Top of the range tabletop mat made from crystal-clear tempered glass.  Tempered glass is a reinforced glass material which has five times the impact strength of normal glass.  This mat forms a protective barrier for table tops and other surfaces and is top of the CraftTex range of surface protector mats.


A large, versatile craft mat with a wide range of possible craft uses, including use as a cutting mat, mixing palette, a surface for ink rolling, sugar craft and kitchen crafts.  It prevents damage caused by hot glue, knife slips, paint, glue, glitter, clay, food and other mess resulting from hobby, DIY and craft activities.


Easy to clean and cool to the touch, choose a tempered glass mat for its durability, strength and heat resistant properties.


REINFORCED - Tempered glass has five times the strength of regular glass, so the mat is durable and incredibly strong.


SMOOTH - Provides a perfectly smooth surface which works well for papercrafters, artists and printers


PROTECTIVE - Provides a barrier to keep worktops clean and protected from damage - will not break, crack, scratch or discolour in normal use.


MULTI-USE - This glass board has many applications for crafters and artists from paint mixing to paper cutting


EASY TO CLEAN - Simply wipe clean with a cloth and appropriate cleaning fluid.  The surface will not stain and glue residue or paint can also be peeled off.


RAISED MAT - To further protect table tops from abrasions or scratches, the mat rests on silicone feet.


Please note:

This mat is not a substitute for conventional non-slip cutting mats.

If cutting using knives, please place your cutting mat on top of the Glass Craft Mat as an extra precaution against knife slips and cut marks.


Will help prevent damage caused by:

  • hot glue
  • craft knife slips
  • paint
  • glue
  • glitter
  • clay
  • food
  • mess resulting from hobby, art and craft activities

Glass Mat

£84.99 Regular Price
£49.99Sale Price
  • 51cm x 91cm (20" x 36"

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