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Clear Floor Mat for Crafters

CraftTex Clear Floor Mats are designed to offer a large area of high-strength barrier protection for your carpets or hard floors. Choose a gripper-back for carpet floors, or smooth-back for all types of hard floor.


This mat protects flooring from damage caused by dropped craft equipment, spilled paint, glitter, glue and anything else you can throw at it!  Choose from a gripper-back mat for low/medium pile carpets or smooth back for all types of hard floor.


Made from durable polycarbonate, a super-strong and long-lasting material, which is easy to clean, free from PVC and toxins, and is recyclable. This CraftTex protective floor mat won't discolour, curl, bend or crack under normal use. 


The mat lies flat immediately and provides a completely waterproof barrier so that you have peace of mind that mess and spillages will be contained.  It also ensures that you have a surface that your chair will glide over, making it easier to move around while you craft, particularly on wheel chairs or caster-based chair.


PROTECTS - Forms a barrier to protect your carpet from spillages, dirt and damage during craft activities.


DURABLE - Made from polycarbonate, a super-strong and long-lasting material which will not bend, curl or crack under normal use.


SMOOTH - Provides a flat easy-glide surface which helps you move around your workspace easily, especially on caster chairs


HEAT RESISTANT - Protects your carpet against damage caused by dropped craft equipment such as glue guns and heat guns. Heat resistant to 100°C (212°F). Compatible for use with underfloor heating


ECO FRIENDLY CHOICE - This floor mat is manufactured using 25% renewable energy from wind and solar power, contains recycled material and is fully recyclable after use. 


STAYS PUT – The carpet mat has a gripper-back for added stability on carpet piles up to 1.25cm (1/2") deep, while the smooth back of the hard floor mat option will not mark or scratch your floor.  The mat will not travel during use.



Clear Floor Mat

£64.99 Regular Price
£39.95Sale Price
  • Rectangular.
    120cm x 90cm (47" x 35")


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