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CraftTex Standing Comfort Mat | Luxury Anti-Fatigue Mat for Crafters


Choose from a range of colourways and a choice of standard and large sizes.


When your craft activity means standing for long periods of time, improve your personal comfort with a CraftTex luxury anti-fatigue mat. The CraftTex Standing Comfort Mat's deep and supportive structure reduces fatigue when standing for long periods of time and its soft cover is warm underfoot and easy to clean.


Use this comfort mat in craft rooms, studios, workshops and kitchens to improve your comfort while crafting!


This mat offers comfort and support to significantly relieve the fatigue, aches and pains which may be felt when standing for long periods.


COMFORTABLE - Deep and supportive mat structure relieves pressure to improve comfort when standing for long periods.


ANTI-MICROBIAL – For your peace of mind, and great for barefoot working, an anti-microbial additive runs through the mat and its cover and helps protect the mat surface from microbial deterioration. This lasts for the lifetime of the mat and won’t wash off or wear away.


SAFE - Anti slip base will not slip or travel on hard floors or carpet, bevelled edges and rounded corners reduce trip hazards.


VERSATILE - Use in your workshop, classroom, studio, kitchen or home craft room to improve comfort wherever you stand.


ATTRACTIVE – Choose from classic black or grey for a classic look, or add vibrancy and a contemporary look with the red or blue mats. 


INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY - Standing comfortably for longer means you'll be able to pay more attention to your craft activities and get more done!

Standing Comfort Mat

    • Rectangular
    • Two sizes available:
      • Standard: 40cm x 60cm (16" x 24")
      • Large: 50cm x 80cm (20" x 32")
    • Polyurethane mat with polyester cover
    • Available in black, grey, red and blue colourways
    • Anti-slip
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