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Sewing Machine Mat to protect sewing tables.


The best protective mat for use with a sewing machine. Choose a CraftTex Sewing Machine Mat to help protect your sewing table and work surfaces from dents, scratches and damage which may be caused by heavy sewing machines, scissors and other sewing equipment. 


Made from polycarbonate, a super-strong and durable material which protects surfaces from impact abrasions, scratches and scuffs, the CraftTex Sewing Machine Mat is the perfect size to use with a standard size sewing machine. 


As it's crystal clear, this mat won't look out of place in any home or workshop environment.  The mat is also heat resistant to 100°F, which helps protect against heat damage over time.


At 48cm x 61cm this mat is made to fit a standard sewing machine to protect the table or work surface underneath. 


PROTECTIVE - Offers barrier protection against dents, scratches and damage caused by sewing machines, scissors and sewing equipment.


VERSATILE - The sewing machine mat can also be used as a cutting surface and as a protective mat for other craft activities.


HEAT RESISTANT - Up to 100°C (212°F), to help protect your work surface from heat damage over time.

PERFECT SIZE - This clear rectangular mat measures 48cm x 61cm (19" x 24") which makes it ideal for most domestic sewing machines.


DURABLE - Made from polycarbonate - an extremely tough material that withstands impacts, scratches and scuffs to protect the table underneath.


EASY TO CLEAN – Simply wipe clean with a damp cloth.


We have a wide range of surface protection mats, see our other products for details of full table covers and floor protector mats.

Sewing Machine Mat

£12.95 Regular Price
£9.95Sale Price
  • Rectangular. 
    48cm x 61cm (19" x 24")

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