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The Bubbalux Sizzix Gallery is now live!

We are so delighted to share with you the mixed media creations Pete Hughes made using Bubbalux. Pete is Creative Designer at Ellison Europe - creators of the Sizzix brand. His layering and use of texture and colour on top of die cut and embossed Bubbalux shapes are phenomenal and we really love the rust effect.

Please visit the Sizzix Gallery in the Bubbalux section of our website to take a look, and if you click on the photos, it'll take you through to the Sizzix blog where Pete provides videos and tutorials for some of the creations.

Another tutorial from the Sizzix blog, creator Leanne Rowlands uses Bubbalux in a totally new and exciting way - to decorate a handmade soap! - Leanne embosses a pattern onto a piece of Bubbalux and uses this during the soap making process to create a pretty pattern on the soap's surface. What a fabulous idea for a thoughtful and Creative Mother's Day present! #lastminutemothersdaypanic

We have lots of new retailers on board in both the UK and USA (more on that later), so if you'd would like to try crafting with Bubbalux Craft Board, please visit our Bubbalux Stockists page to find out the best places to buy Bubbalux in the UK and in the USA.

If you prefer to buy Bubbalux direct from a local craft shop, please inform your retailer that Bubbalux is supplied through Personal Impressions in the UK and through Notions in the USA.

Photo credits: Pete Hughes and Leanne Rowlands for Sizzix - The Making Journal.



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