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The Bubbalux launch at Creativeworld 2018

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

We are pleased to report that our first Creativeworld Show was a success as well as a really positive experience! Creativeworld is the international trade fair for Creative Products, held in Frankfurt each year. Our stand looked bright and fresh, with all of the Bubbalux and Surface Protector Mats displayed and demonstrated to potential resellers and retailers from all over the world.

We really enjoyed demonstrating Bubbalux and we hope that by exhibiting the unique properties of this creative craft board, we inspired the trade buyers become stockists of Bubbalux, so that more crafters around the world can take advantage of this exceptional new craft material.

Talking to the visitors to our stand, we found that they too could see the potential for Bubbalux to span many different craft genres, with the potential for application in many different crafts, from costume design elements in cosplay, through to photographic printing and jewellery making.

In addition to Bubbalux Creative Craft Board, we also displayed our Ultimate Surface Protector Mats, which although incredibly useful to crafters of various fields, aren’t always the easiest things to sell or display – mainly because they are transparent and usually lie under a lot of eye-catching craft equipment! Still, it was easy to show how useful these mats are to crafters, in order to protect tables and work surfaces from all sorts of craft-related mishaps.

CraftTex participated in the Creative Impulse Awards, entering Bubbalux Creative Craft Board for Creative Product of the Year and although we didn’t win this year, we were pleased to have our new product displayed alongside the others showcased at Creativeworld.

We would like to extend our thanks to everyone who visited us and are so pleased with the response we had to Bubbalux, as well as the positive reactions to our other key products, the Worktop Protector Mats and Floor Protector Mats.

If you are interested in providing your customers with a new and exciting craft board, or crafters’ surface protection mats - from an established and experienced manufacturer - please get in touch at to discuss the CraftTex range at



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