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5 reasons to choose Bubbalux over cardstock

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Bubbalux Ultimate Creative Craft Board is about to take the craft world by storm! We know all the secrets to successful crafting with Bubbalux and can’t wait to share our crafting creations with you.

Now, we know there's nothing wrong with using cardstock for your projects, it's inexpensive, comes in a wide variety of colours and is easy to use. However, Bubbalux has some unique properties that cardstock simply doesn’t offer, and we believe once you've tried it, it'll become your favourite new crafting buddy.

5 reasons to choose Bubbalux

1. Bubbalux is light - like cardstock - but is much longer-lasting so you can display your creations for much longer in your crafting hall of fame!

2. Add heat to form Bubbalux into any number of different shapes - once it's cool the shape is retained.

3. Throw your Bubbalux on the floor and stamp your feet when your creative mojo comes to a standstill, it's durable and sturdy and will (within reason) stay in one piece until inspiration hits you. 4. Bubbalux is ideal for a wide range of projects - anything from picture frames and decoupage to home decorations and 3D model-making.

5. Bubbalux doesn't absorb moisture, so it won't soften over time like card does - so you can even display your creations outside!



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